Zipline Brewing Company’s Culture Lab in Downtown Omaha and Beer Lounge in far west Omaha are seeking beertenders/hosts to join our team. We are looking to employ 2-3 people who can work 2-4 shifts a week and fill in as needed ASAP. PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE POST as it includes vital information about how we are dealing with Covid-19 safety and mandates, roles descriptions, wage, and how to apply for this position.

We are set to re-open June 17th. Here are the protective measures we are taking for staff and customers:


  • MASKS: all staff will be required to wear a mask at all times while on premise. You MUST thoroughly wash your mask between each shift.
  •  GLOVES: If you choose to wear gloves, please understand that this does not take the place of frequent and thorough hand washing!
  • PLEXIGLASS BARRIER: will be installed by each designated POS area.
  • HAND SANITZER: will be at every single table and behind the bar
  • TEMPERATURE MONITORING: All staff will take their temperature at the beginning of each shift. A Non-invasive, no touch thermometer will be used.
  • OCCUPANCY: Each taproom will be operating at less than ½ occupancy.
  • HOST: a new roll that will allow for proper monitoring and organization of customers.
  • TABLE SPACING: all seating within each taproom will be at least 6 feet apart.
  • NO CASH: We will continue to not accept or handle cash.
  • CUSTOMER BUSSING: Customers will be asked to bus their own glasses into bus tubs at a designated location in each taproom.
  • TABLE SANITIZING: All tables/seating will be thoroughly sanitized between each customer group. This is the responsibility of the host. Spray the table, chairs, and hand sanitizer pump with ISO then wipe. Customers must wait for tables to be sanitized before being seated.
  • NO MINGLING: customer groups will not be permitted to mingle with people not in their party. If a couple comes in and sits at a four top no one else unrelated or unknown to that group is allowed at that table.
  • FREQUENT BATHROOM SANITATION: Every 30 minutes, all contact surfaces are to be wiped and sanitized.
  • CARD READERS: will be utilized at all taprooms to allow for no contact purchasing.
  • CONTINUE PICKUP AND DELIVERY: we will continue to offer pickup and delivery for customers who are not comfortable entering the taproom.
  • DECREASED HOURS OF OPERATION: we will be open to the public Wed. -Sun. 3-8 pm
  • INCREASED COMPENSATION: Through a combination of wage and gratuity, we will ensure that everyone is at least making $12 an hour during Covid-19 and as long as mandates are in place.

If the above sounds like something you are comfortable with and are willing to actively participate in, then read on!

Potential hires will be asked to fulfill the role as both a host and a bartender on any given day. The descriptions for each are as follows.


  • Responsible for ensuring that all open/closing procedures are accomplished and for signing off on an open/close checklist.
  • Remain behind the bar to take all customer orders. Customers will order at one end of the bar with you and then pick up from the opposite end.
  • Fulfill, label, and organize all beer to go orders from the online store.
  • Assist the host as needed.
  • Answer customer inquiries adeptly and efficiently.
  • Maintain our C-19 safety procedures.
  • Sanitize bathroom contact surfaces every 30 min



  • Responsible for ensuring that all open/closing procedures are accomplished and for signing off on a open/close checklist.
  • Will be out on the floor while maintaining 6 feet of distance between themselves and customers.
  • Greet customers as they arrive and alert them to the new sequence of service and assign them to a table.
  • Facilitate no contact beer to go pick ups.
  • Sanitizes tables between each new party. NOTE: customers are not allowed to be seated until this task is accomplished.
  • Maintain social distance between customers in line. Should the line reach a number that does not allow for 6 feet between people, The host will kindly ask customers to remain seated until line numbers dwindle.
  • Tracks occupancy. Capacity is based on seating, if there are no open seats then we are at capacity. Absolutely no standing room. The host must enforce this.
  • Assist the bartender as needed.
  • Sanitize bathroom contact surfaces every 30 min



  • Lives in Omaha or nearby suburb
  • Willingness to work/train between BOTH Omaha locations
  • Passion and love for craft beer
  • Eagerness to learn and listen
  • Self motivated
  • 21+ age
  • Willingness to work both individually and as a team
  • Positive attitude and excellent communication skills
  • Ability to keep the bar organized, stocked and clean
  • Access to email
  • Excellent communication skills

Please send a brief letter of interest outlining why you want to work at Zipline/any relevant experience and a resume to: ashley@ziplinebrewing.com