American Tripel

With over 5,000 years of brewing history, Belgians certainly know their beer. But they probably wouldn’t recognize this.

American Tripel takes Belgian tradition and subverts it, dosing the usual clove and banana character with a heap of hops. Rather than hitting your nose with the familiar Belgian esters, American Tripel comes at you with huge peach aroma, filling your senses with juicy anticipation. The wealth of stone fruit flavor is rounded out with an Abbey ale yeast to create a medium-bodied drink with all you’d ever need from a beer. 

The Tripel archetype hails from Westmalle, a Trappist brewery that dates back to 1794. In the 1930s, Westmalle brewers created the Tripel as a response to consumers seeking paler beers similar to those coming from Germany and Bavaria. While Westmalle Tripel is a Trappist ale, anyone who copies them or creates a similar style is brewing a Belgian Abbey Tripel. “Trappist” is a trademarked term that can only be applied to breweries that meet stringent requirements, but breweries anywhere can create an “abbey ale,” which refers to a few broad style categories. Here at Zipline, we weren’t content to simply make a copycat. With a heavy-handed application of Mosaic hops, we made American Tripel an innovative brew that stands out from the crowd.

Head to the taproom on Friday, Aug 26 to taste your first sip of American Tripel for the year. Four-packs will be available and Hickory Road BBQ will be on hand to take care of your dinner plans. See you soon!