Barrel-Aged American Tripel

Barrel-aging isn’t just for bourbon lovers. Releasing this Friday, April 8, Barrel-Aged American Tripel marries together the lush fruitiness of Chardonnay with the bright stone fruit flavor of American Tripel. 

Pairing these two delightful quaffs means a meld of white grape and apricot floats to your nose and graces your palate. Drinking chardonnay can bring to mind the first bite into a juicy pear, with crisp sweetness that plays across your senses. American Tripel’s notes of apricot and peach combine perfectly with the fruity wine flavor and barrel oak richness to create a succulence all its own. If you’ve been hesitant to try other, more boozy, aged brews, this could be the beer you’ve been waiting for.

For those of you torn between your favorite ferments — beer or wine? — you no longer have to choose! Head to the taproom Friday, April 8 to taste the best of both worlds in our Barrel-Aged American Tripel and take some home in a 750mL bottle to share with only your closest friends.