Barrels of Good

Hey Zipliners – When you attended the Brave New Barrel Fest this past May, you drank some amazing beers, you enjoyed a unique environment, and you ate some delicious food.  But don’t forget about the most important part: All proceeds go directly to the Bay, and you helped us raise over $1,700 for its programs this year!  Specifically, this money is targeted to support the Bay’s “All Access Pass” which allows free entry to the skatepark, concerts, digital art space, a mentor through Heartland Big Brothers Big Sisters, and a meal from the Coffee Bar every night starting in 2018. 

That means more kids will get to skate. More kids will have a safe place to hang out.  More kids will build life changing character traits that make them strong, vibrant contributors to our communities. So thank you to everyone who attended this year. Our barrels overfloweth with your generosity!


There’s always a chance to have fun and pitch in with upcoming Zipline partnerships benefiting the Lighthouse, Habitat for Humanity, Clinic with a Heart, Lincoln Parks Foundation, United Way, and the Omaha Children’s Hospital. You can stay on top of these fun opportunities to help us help our communities by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

With hundreds of requests each year, unfortunately, we occasionally need to say “no” to many of the worthy causes that approach us for partnership. But, we greatly appreciate all good work being done all over our communities. Please keep it up! In the meantime, if you’d like us to consider a potential partnership, please email at least three months prior to your event. Cheers!