When we started thinking about our transition from bottles to cans last year, we decided early on that we wanted to package our beer in boxes. We loved the way our bottle six-packs lined up on store shelves, with our zipline cable logo stretching across the whole row.

Well, the supply chain had other things in mind and our cartoning machine ended up stuck in a port somewhere for months. We were ready to roll with our canning machine and wanted to get our Brave New Brew out to the thirsty public in our shiny new cans as soon as possible. So we pushed ahead with plastic six pack toppers, which are great, but not what we had envisioned while designing our new packaging.

GOOD NEWS! We are FINALLY sending beer out to the market in boxes! You will see 6-packs on the shelves first, followed shortly by 12-pack variety packs, as well as some 24-pack cases.

Keep your eyes peeled!