Chocolate Double Stout

Everyone wants to streamline in the new year. We’ve got just the thing for you: How about beer and dessert all in one?

Join us at the taproom this Friday, January 22 to celebrate two versions of Chocolate Double Stout, a beer so indulgent you won’t need that second slice of cake. Both this year’s batch and it’s barrel-aged cousin release on the same day, giving you plenty of time to pick your favorite before Valentine’s Day. 

Our Chocolate Double Stout boasts big, roasty malt flavor that’s sure to delight our resident dark beer aficionados. We then double down on the chocolate flavors, adding cacao nibs during fermentation to amp up the delectable richness. What really makes it “double”? Simply– more. More malt with more variety, leading to a more flavorful and all-around stronger brew.

If that’s not quite special enough for you, you’re in luck: our Barrel-Aged Chocolate Double Stout releases at the exact same time. All that roasted chocolate flavor you love with a dose of barrel goodness on top. Eight months in bourbon and pinot noir barrels creates more complexity in the beer, so you can lose yourself in the depths of pomegranate, vanilla, and oak notes as they rise up to meet you.

Starting this Friday, January 22, you can enjoy a pint at the taproom, or take home a 4-pack of Chocolate Double Stout and a 750-ml bottle of Barrel-Aged Chocolate Double Stout. Pair with your favorite sweet indulgence, and fall in love all over again.