Brendan McGinn, Assistant Brewer

We’re pleased to introduce the newest member of our brewing team, Brendan McGinn. Read on to find out more about Brendan and help us welcome him to Zipline!

A native to Lincoln and a brewer for 13 years, Brendan brings creativity and dedication to the Zipline team. Proving that good things can come from unlikely places, Brendan got his start homebrewing from a basic kit from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Following advice to bulk up their registry, Brendan and his wife, Alison, added the kit on a whim after all the necessities were taken care of. Little did they know that within just a few years, brewing would be part of their livelihood. 

Professionally, Brendan began working with beer at Aksarben Brewing Co., which was essentially a hands-on homebrew store and workshop. When he moved on to Empyrean in the summer of 2007, he started working on the bottling line with a young Mike Boden. When Mike decided to go back to school, Brendan was able to begin working in the brewhouse proper. After his tenure there, Brendan brewed at Ploughshare before finally joining Mike once again, this time at Zipline.

All this experience on different brewing systems translates to an adaptable Assistant Brewer who can handle whatever production quirks are thrown his way. Brendan is excited to focus exclusively on brewing here at Zipline. He really enjoys the challenge of brewing a beer to particular specifications. While some may grow weary of brewing beers they don’t typically drink, Brendan likes to spread the joy. Even if a beer isn’t his favorite style, he’s committed to consistency and quality to make a dependable beer for everyone to partake.

Of his new coworkers, he says, “The team brings a huge level of enjoyment to the job, working with around others who are in a good mood and happy to be here.” The love goes both ways, for sure. Happy to be working with Brendan once again, Mike pointed out, “Brendan’s willingness and ability to seek out new knowledge and share with the rest of the team is his best asset.” His creativity certainly ranks up there in his best qualities as well. Brendan puts his ample artistic power to use not only brewing beer, but also rocking out with three local bands.

When he isn’t brewing or rocking, Brendan is hanging with Alison and their son, Miles, at home.  Next time you’re enjoying a Brave New Brew, raise a glass to Brendan, the newest Zipline team member who had a hand in making it.