We founded Zipline Brewing Co in 2012 driven to produce the highest quality hand crafted ales and lagers in the Midwest. Today, we produce around 10,000 barrels of beer annually on the same 20 barrel JVNW brewhouse in our home town of Lincoln, Nebraska.

We strive daily to create innovative brews, borrowing from English, German, Belgian and Czech traditions. Enjoy our award winning Copper Alt. with your next meal or challenge the senses with one of our many IPA and sour offerings. There’s a Zipline beer waiting for you, and we want to help you find it.

Our beers remain available only to a closely guarded market we service ourselves. Our commitment is to quality and satisfaction built on personal connections. If we can’t drive to your local pub and share a beer, you won’t find us. But, if you’re within a few hundred miles of our hometown, Lincoln, Nebraska, we’ll probably see you soon. Cheers!