Adam Tiffany, Packaging Manager

In the most reputable beer books, among pages and pages of information on brewing, tasting, and classifying beer, you’ll find the admission of fact that breweries nationwide already know: packaging beer can be the most difficult aspect of the entire production process. With that knowledge in mind, here at Zipline we entrust our precious brews […]

Brave New Brewing Crew: Keith and Marshall

Brewing good beer doesn’t happen without a great team of brewers. Here at Zipline, part of that team is Keith Gascoigne and Marshall Kunz. Acting as Assistant Brewers and Cellarmen, Keith and Marshall round out the team of folks who brew your favorite Zipline beers. Keith Gascoigne Widely recognized as having the best hair at […]

Brewer’s Corner: Snowmaggedon

Brewers Corder

Ever wonder what it’s really like to be a craft brewer? Mike Boden, our head brewer, will be periodically sharing his thoughts on whatever is popping up at the brewery. In the first installment, see how the coolest job around can sometimes take you out into the cold. So it’s the night before Snowmaggedon in […]

Brave New Brewing Crew: Mike Boden, Head Brewer

A head brewer– or even a home brewer– must walk the delicate balance between precise brewing science and creative recipe development. At Zipline, we trust that balance to none other than Mike Boden. If that name sounds familiar, it may be because his namesake quaff (St. Boden Quad) is currently on tap. It takes some […]