Introducing our newest small-batch creation BRRR! Cold IPA. What is a Cold IPA you ask? We couldn’t think of a better person to tell you than our Director of Brewing Operations Brendan McGinn, who’s shepherded this brew from brainstorm session to package and all steps in between. Check out the video below for the scoop […]


No, the world right now probably doesn’t need another hazy IPA. But, when you drop loads of Idaho Gem and Strata on top of ancient Norwegian yeast to create one of the most exquisite tropical hops bombs we’ve ever made … can it really hurt? In this case, the yeast is the star, so let’s […]

Brew Crew News

At Zipline, we take beer very seriously. Our brewers are held to the highest standards of quality and innovation. They need to be able to brew clean, classic styles with flawless execution, but also go off the grid and concoct hazy IPAs, sours, and barrel aged ales that meet similar standards of rigor. We wanted […]


Alpha Modern 6-Pack

ALPHA MODERN: An Amazing & Delicate Hazy Session IPA A few years ago, we sought to create an IPA that was insanely hopped and low in alcohol, but didn’t sacrifice body and flavor—a shortcoming of many session IPAs. Body is maximized by increasing the percentage of complex sugars that yeast cannot break down. Alpha Modern […]

American Brewer in London

Nearly three years ago, Eddie Lofthouse of Harbour Brewing Co (Cornwall, England) walked into the Zipline taproom while on a shopping spree at Lincoln’s American Beer Equipment.    After two or three (or six) pints, the parallels between our breweries were immediately apparent; from brewhouse to branding, we were simpatico.  The idea for a cross-continental […]

Brewer’s Corner: Cheers to the Techs

Brewers Corder

As you probably gathered from my last post, brewing beer is not an ordinary, nine-to-five, Monday-through-Friday kind of job. In fact, if you take your eyes off of it for too long, it’s almost guaranteed that something is going to go wrong.  Now, one thing that can go wrong and always comes up in conversation […]

Brewer’s Corner: Snowmaggedon

Brewers Corder

Ever wonder what it’s really like to be a craft brewer? Mike Boden, our head brewer, will be periodically sharing his thoughts on whatever is popping up at the brewery. In the first installment, see how the coolest job around can sometimes take you out into the cold. So it’s the night before Snowmaggedon in […]

Brave New Brewing Crew: Mike Boden, Head Brewer

A head brewer– or even a home brewer– must walk the delicate balance between precise brewing science and creative recipe development. At Zipline, we trust that balance to none other than Mike Boden. If that name sounds familiar, it may be because his namesake quaff (St. Boden Quad) is currently on tap. It takes some […]