Cloudberry IPA Draft Only Release THIS FRIDAY!

As the long dark days of winter start to ebb and we can feel the first hints of spring, our brewers were anxious for a taste of all things warm and bright.  So, while we did not fly to Arctic Norway, we took inspiration from this delicate fruit to create our new Cloudberry IPA.   We started with a strain of Norwegian kveik (say it like “kwike”) – literally translated as yeast – and actively hopped on it with Belma hops, known for their uncommon strawberry and melon flavors. 

Cloudberries sparkle in the marshlands of Arctic Norway a few weeks every summer.  The amber colored fruit structurally resembles raspberries and blackberries.  Prized for its sweet-sour flavor, the cloudberry is notoriously hard to find.  Rich in vitamin C, they are often made into jams and even liqueurs. 

Stop by one of our four locations or your ask for it at your favorite spot.