Yesterday, Zipline Brewing Company proudly accepted a Gold Medal at the 2023 World Beer Cup for its beloved Copper Alt.  Held in Nashville, Tennessee this year, the Brewers Association developed the World Beer Cup Competition in 1996 to celebrate the art and science of brewing. Often referred to as “The Olympics of Beer Competitions,” the World Beer Cup is arguably the most prestigious beer competition in the world.

“It’s easy to make a great beer once, but continuing to make the same beer great a thousand times is the real challenge,” said Tom Wilmoth, co-founder of Zipline. “We’re incredibly proud of our entire team, as everyone here has a hand in this success.”

Altbier is the regional beer of Dusseldorf, Germany.  Zipline take on the style is a bronze-colored ale with medium body and malt character and crisp, but gentle bitterness.

“Altbier is a unique beer style because it requires an unorthodox, cool fermentation by a specialty yeast that works best in a cooler temperature range,” said Brendan McGinn, Director of Brewing Operations at Zipline.  “Altbier yeast generates fewer fermentation by-products such as esters and fusel-like alcohols, which makes Copper Alt. a smooth, clean-tasting ale of exceptional drinkability.”

Copper Alt., one of the first beers ever brewed at Zipline, has now won three gold medals at three separate competitions in the U.S., two of which are the largest in the world.  Copper Alt. has won the Gold at the Great American Beer Fest (2015), the U.S. Open Beer Championship (2022) and now the World Beer Cup (2023).

“This award, in particular, probably means the most to our team,” said Craig Reier, Director of Marketing at Zipline, who accepted the award on behalf of the brewery.  “It shows our brewing team is capable of competing with the greatest brewers in the world.”

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