Don your liederhosen, grab up your stein, and get ready: Festbier returns Saturday, September 10, with proper fanfare.

In the U.S., beer fans associate Oktoberfest with malt-forward, amber-hued Marzen styles. If you head to Germany, the EU has protected the name Oktoberfestbier, so that it applies solely to beers produced in breweries within the Munich city limits, rather than indicating a certain style. Over the past 25 years, Oktoberfest in Munich has modernized its brews. Tents throughout the city now feature a lighter beer that allows revelers to continue celebrations into the night without filling up too fast.   

Fans from last year will remember our Festbier as the endlessly drinkable lager made for celebration. Hearty malt flavor is spiced up with peppery German hops, creating a smooth sip that still perks up the palate. A lighter brew that will last you the duration of our fest with just enough warmth to ward off an evening chill, Festbier is the right pick for your local Oktoberfest.

This year, we’re once again making our Fest fancy with ceramic steins, available starting at 5pm on Sept 10 for $10 with refills for $4. Bolzen Beer Band will keep the energy pumping through the evening, and pizza from Rolling Fire Catering will keep festgoers fueled. Don’t miss out on the party!