Goodbye and Good Luck to Keith Gascoigne

On his 21st birthday, Keith walked into Zipline and expressed his passion for all things brewing.  He said he was willing to do anything to break in, and so we put him to work.  He started scrubbing the floors – literally.  In true Zipline fashion, no job was ever too small or too tedious, and Keith was never too proud to do whatever it took to help. Over the years, he grew into a prominent role as a member of our brewing team.  Some of the fruits of his labor are enjoyed weekly in the form of our ever-evolving cask program.  And, we are set to release a new Gascoigne creation this month, his hoppy grissette, which places a modern spin on an old-world beer.   

Of course, success leads to opportunity, and opportunity has beaten down Keith’s door.  With a measure of sadness, but a greater sense of pride, we are pleased to announce that Keith will join the brewing team at White Elm Brewing Co next month.  While we are sad to see him go, we are extremely excited to see what he will do next.  Since he walked in the door, Keith has channeled his intense love of learning, brewing, and life in general, into helping Zipline grow from a few hundred barrels of production to where it stands today.  We will always be proud to call Keith a member of our family.  In the meantime, please wish him well, and join us in looking forward to his new creations under the White Elm banner.

Cheers Keith!