Hiring: Assistant Packaging Manager

Assistant Packaging Manager Needed

Position Overview 

The Assistant Packaging Manager position is responsible for the successful operation of packaging activities, facilities, and equipment, as well as assisting the Packaging Manager with daily tasks, maintenance, and packaging line cleanliness, ensuring the quality and integrity of the product. The Assistant Packaging Manager reports directly to the Packaging Manager and collaborates frequently with the brewing staff, as well as the Warehouse Manager.

Essential Functions

* Corrective, preventative, and predictive maintenance and repair of packaging line equipment to ensure they are operating correctly, efficiently, and safely.

* Ensure that the packaging line facilities and equipment are operable, clean, and safe, following all SOPs and safety protocols.

* Assist Warehouse Manager with inventory of clean/dirty kegs, cardboard goods, glass bottles and labels.

* Contribute to the quality assurance processes, continuing to improve and evolve the department to gain efficiencies in the packaging department.

* Bottle, keg, and otherwise package product on a daily basis while monitoring established quality standards.

* Adhere to and advance the “Safety Always” culture of Zipline Brewing Co.

* Supervision of schedule, equipment, and packaging crew when Packaging Manager is absent or unavailable.

Important Skills and Abilities

* Ability to work independently while maintaining safety and quality standards.

* A strong work ethic with a sense of urgency; the ability to multi-task while excelling in a team environment.

* Ability to communicate clearly to staff, both verbally and in writing.

* Mechanical aptitude and knowledge of a broad array of tools and their intended usages, and the ability to improvise mechanically to solve problems.

* Attention to detail.

* Forklift operation experience.

* Writing and math skills necessary to accurately complete volume/losses, flow, density, carbonation, and unit conversion calculations.

* Ability to continuously stand, walk, lift, carry and handle 10 lbs.; frequently bend, stoop, kneel, climb, reach, and push; and occasionally lift and carry 50lbs. to 70 lbs. throughout shift

* Must be able to participate in critical assessment of beer before packaging.

* Must be comfortable in a fast-paced, labor intensive, damp and variable temperature brewery and warehouse environment and to work with hot, cold and hazardous equipment and materials

* Ability to create schedules, read manuals, and understand schematics.

* Good note taking and documentation skills.

Qualification Requirements

* Associates or Bachelor’s degree in a relatable technical field, including but not limited to welding, mechanics, or engineering.

* 3-5 years of combined education and experience. Brewery experience is desirable.

* Previous experience with mechanical systems and troubleshooting.

* Must be 21 years of age or older.

* A love and passion for local craft beer is a must!

Please Apply Here: If you are interested and qualified for this position please supply a resume and cover letter to adam@ziplinebrewing.com.