Introducing the BLACK LABEL Limited Series!

This month, Zipline is unleashing the full creative power of its brewing team to push beer boundaries like never before. Our Black Label series represents the most over-the-top, flavor packed, premium beers we’ve ever made. This ultra-limited line of Brave New Brews will include intense imperial IPAs, loaded pastry stouts, the juiciest-fruitiest sours, and luscious milkshake IPAs we’ve never produced outside of our homebrew setups.

Even better, for the first time, we will be packaging approximately 100 cases each of these beers offering them exclusively in our retail locations and a select few retail outlets.

Up first in the Black Label series is Imperial Latte Stout. Infused with loads of coffee, chocolate, and milk sugar, this viscous stout clocks in at a hefty 10% ABV. Made for sharing, it’s the perfect warmer for the cold January days.

Next up in will be our Lemon Meringue Milkshake IPA – a creamy, smooth beer brewed with lemon puree, graham crackers, milk sugar, and vanilla. Thick and rich, this “Pie-PA” will have you thinking you just licked the spoon on a fresh batch of lemon curd.

Additional releases will follow, but for now, get ready for Imperial Latte Stout, as this one won’t last more than a week or two!