It’s (Almost) Local Time!

Zipline Brewing Company today announced plans to release the first low calorie lager brewed in and distributed throughout Nebraska. Set to debut in April 2020, Local Time will sport a slim profile of just 100 calories and 4 grams of carbohydrates.

“Historically, lighter lagers have had a certain reputation,” explained Zipline co-founder Tom Wilmoth. “The point of Local Time is to show that it is possible to brew an easy drinking lager that doesn’t sell out on taste. We brew these beers for people in our community, and it’s important that they get a high quality beer every time they grab a Zipline six pack or pull a tap handle. ”

To achieve the high-quality people have come to expect from Zipline, ingredients were key.

“Among other things, we are avoiding any kind of non-traditional brewing ingredients such as corn and rice syrups,” said Wilmoth. “Instead, we are creating flavors craft beer drinkers know and love with pilsner malt and Amarillo hops, while also supporting active lifestyle consumers who are looking for full flavor that won’t weigh them down.”

As for the name Local Time, Wilmoth explained it took about 10 seconds to come up with. “It says it all.”