Kansas City, Here We Come!

Strengthened by the love shown to us over the past three years, we’re proud to announce that Zipline is boldly going where our Brave New Brews have never gone before.

Since day one, the Lincoln community rallied around us to support our mission to brew great beer with the best personal service possible. We’ve long focused on creating relationships close to home, ensuring sustainable growth that puts our customers first. Our Lincoln fans have become friends, and we’re excited to extend the same friendship to the good folks of Kansas City, MO. 

“Beer is freshest when the journey from where it is born to where it is consumed is a short trip,” co-founder Marcus Powers points out. “At just three hours down the road, we can deliver fresh beer to Kansas City and still develop strong personal connections with our beer fans there.”

The craft beer scene in Kansas City is nothing to be sniffed at, and we certainly take our debut seriously. With a diverse portfolio — from our GABF Gold Medal-winning Copper Alt. to our new year-round IPA — we’re confident we can satisfy even the most seasoned craft beer aficionados.

From the whole team here at Zipline, we want to thank you, our loyal patrons, who keep spreading the good word about good beer. It’s your support that’s allowed us to welcome Kansas City into the Zipline fold. We have tons of events planned in Kansas City throughout the month of March to celebrate. Those events are listed below, and as always, stay tuned to our website, and follow @ziplinebrewing on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for the latest.



Waldo Pizza (Waldo) | Tap Takeover | 5pm

Flying Saucer | Tapping 4 beers  | 5pm

Rusty Horse | Craft Beer Night (1/2 price craft beer) | 6-9pm


Long Bell Pizza (Lee’s Summit) | 6-8pm

Grain to Glass | Meet the Brewer | 5-7pm

Screenland (Crossroads) | 6pm

Hyvee Ward Road (Lee’s Summit) | Sampling | 4-6pm


Grains & Taps (Lee’s Summit) | Meet The Brewer | 6pm

Waldo Pizza (Lee’s Summit) | Tap Takeover | 5pm

Foundry (Westport) 5:30-7:30pm


Bier Station (Waldo) | Tap Takeover & Meet The Brewer | 5pm

Plaza Liquor | Sampling | 4-7pm

Hyvee Rice Road | Sampling | 4-6pm

Ruins Pub (Crossroads) | Tap Takeover| 6pm

Hyvee Liberty | Sampling | 4-6pm      


Mike’s Liquor (Waldo) | Sampling |4-7pm

Royal Liquor 103rd St. | Sampling | 4-7pm         

Hyvee Noland Rd | Sampling | 4-6pm         

Hyvee Barry Rd | Sampling | 4-6pm


Hyvee State Line | Sampling | 1-3pm

Lukas Liquor MO. | Sampling | 1-3pm