The arrival of May dictates a beer to aid in the transition from blustery early spring to the ever-increasing warmth of summer. And so we give you Maibock.

Bock beers originated in Einbeck, Germany several centuries ago, though the Maibock is a more recently developed brew (if you consider only a couple centuries to be “recent”) made specifically for May Day celebrations. The word “bock” itself refers to a symbol of vernal fecundity, and the style was so named to be enjoyed alongside abundant new spring growth. 

Here at Zipline, we stayed with the traditional Germanic style and brewed a malt-forward golden lager complemented by floral hop aroma. This lighter brew still has some strength, allowing it to bridge the seasons well. As we cheer on the wildflowers, the renewed leafy trees, and the return of all the birds and the bees, we raise a glass of Maibock to toast the rich new season upon us.

Maibock releases this Friday, May 6 at the taproom. Stop in for a glass and help us properly welcome the month of May.