Mosaic IPA Now Available in Six Packs!

Released in our early years as a small batch draft dynamo, Mosaic IPA quickly became a best seller and a staff favorite.  In 2017, we welcomed it into our limited edition 750ml lineup.  Fortunately for all of us, Mosaic IPA drops this month in 12oz bottles for the first time ever.  If you haven’t yet experienced this intensely aromatic and flavor packed IPA, stop what you’re doing and grab a sixpack today at your favorite local shop or any one of our four taprooms in Lincoln and Omaha.

Wondering what makes it so good?  True hopheads will tell you that Mosaic is the first born child of Simcoe, and has been referred to as “Citra on steroids.”  Mosaic combines a complex hop aroma with high alpha-acids and low cohumulone which makes it a perfect triple purpose hop (Bittering/Flavor/Aroma). The unique combination provides clean bitterness and aroma profiles matched by very few hops or blends.

Our Mosaic IPA is full bodied and rich in Mango, citrus, blueberry, earthy pine, tropical and stone fruit notes.  It’s one of the most intense IPA experiences we offer.  Available for just a few weeks in 2020, you’ll need to wait until late 2021 to get another taste.  So what are you waiting for?