Tropicality IPA

Sometimes, it’s time to step back and reflect on how opposing forces can highlight the awesome contradictions in the world. We’ve taken the contradiction of tropicality and put it in a glass.

When it comes to tropical delights, there’s no end to the complexities of the environment. Tropical locations can be paradise, bringing ease of mind on a warm ocean shore. But tropical environments also include the unexplored wilds of jungle flora and fauna, pushing us far out of our comfort zones. 

Tropicality IPA is our meditation on the tranquility of mind that comes from sipping a truly exciting beer. You know that feeling when you’re off work, the cold beer hits your glass, and you take a whiff, followed by the first delicious taste? That big deep breath that means your boss can’t boss you anymore– at least at this one moment? Yeah, we know that. But if you’re a beer geek like we are, along with that sense of calm comes the fervent excitement of edgy, new brews that are too good to keep quiet about it. Sure, you just relaxed into your free time, but you’re also amped about the flavors dancing across your palate, and you need to find out more and tell the next person you see all in one breath.

So you can decide which impulse you let take over as the juicy notes of mango and lime converge on your senses. Will you relax into the hoppy aroma? Or will the bright flavor bring you into a frenzy? Find out at the Beer Hall or Taproom Friday, Mar 3 when Tropicality IPA goes on tap. At Beer Hall, enjoy First Friday with photographers and multi-media artists Matt Spilker and Danae Contino. At the Taproom, dinner is taken care of with Badang Food Cart, serving from 4:30-8:30pm.