Remember that time way back on yesterday when we were hoping to stay open a few more days?  Yeah … those were good times. But, we all have to do our part, so we are presently closed for on-site consumption until further notice.

THE GOOD NEWS is that our team have been working diligently this past week to transition to a grab-n-go, carry off service.

Starting at 3 PM Wednesday, March 18, 2020, You can still grab and take any great Zipline product at any one of our four retail locations.

You have two easy options:  Pre-order right here and let us do all the work so you can pick up your beers right at our door; or stop in and grab anything you like right there on the spot.  Yes, we will still be open for drop ins.  Just be sure to grab and go (no matter how much you wanna hang with our cool tap tenders).

And, just to launch this off right, we will be releasing our brand new Nordic Stout, a collaborative effort to support the Brewgooder project.  To learn more about it, please visit: their website

This stout is uniquely fruit forward due to the use of kveik yeast to balance the traditional malty flavors of its Maris Otter malt base.  Ask for it by name or just say “Brewgooder please”!