Zipline Brewing Co. and Lincoln Calling team up to drop Stage Dive Session IPA!

This year, Lincoln Calling is thrilled to partner with Lincoln’s own Zipline Brewing Co. to create a beer made with concertgoers in mind. Building off of Lincoln Calling’s extraterrestrial logo, Zipline swapped out a ringed planet for a brave new citrusy world and created a beer brewed just for the Sept. 18-22 festival, Stage Dive Session IPA

Stage Dive Session is a light-bodied, easy-drinking ale that blends orange, pine and citrus from Centennial hops into a 5.4% ABV brew that’s an ideal complement for a set of performances that’s as eclectic as any you’ll find on a festival calendar this fall. Those who’ve enjoyed Zipline’s Alpha Modern IPA will recognize some similarities while getting a citrus-fueled kick from Stage Dive’s orange infusion, while Lincoln Calling attendees coming in from outside the Midwest can start their tours of the city’s vibrant local beer scene with one brewed for them. 

Zipline has collaborated with bands before, and Lincoln Calling has partnered with an array of locally owned venues, businesses and makers throughout its 16-year history. But this marks the first time these two have worked together to create a beer for the music festival. 

“Lincoln Calling is a great community event and we are excited to be a part of it,” said Zipline Co-Founder Tom Wilmoth. “With Stage Dive, we wanted to brew a refreshing beer that would go down easy while enjoying a concert without sacrificing flavor.”

Said Lincoln Calling’s Spencer Munson: “I have loved working with area breweries to expand our overlapping scenes. We’re very thankful for all the support from everyone in the craft brewing community but especially excited about our new collaboration with Zipline. Their approach to brewing is unique and top-notch, from the ingredients to the design. I am good friends with many of the people that make Zipline happen and love being able to watch them flourish and support nonprofits and underserved populations in the process. Hell, It doesn’t hurt that half the staff are musicians either. It’s a natural fit.”

Drafts of Stage Dive Session IPA will be available at all Lincoln Calling venues — 1867 Bar, Bodega’s, Bourbon Theatre, Duffy’s Tavern and Zoo Bar — during the festival. The first Stage Dive kegs will tap on Sept. 6 at Duffy’s Tavern, 1412 E. O St., during the ale’s official Release Party. In-between Stage Dives, step outside to watch the Lincoln Calling banner drop over at the Bourbon. 

To get tickets for Lincoln Calling, and to see which of the festival’s dozens of performers will be at the first venue you hit to have a Stage Dive, go to