Zipline Brewing Co. to Release Hard Seltzer Line

Zipline Brewing Company will release a new line of Hard Seltzer in the coming weeks, expanding Zipline’s portfolio and diversifying their lineup with a selection of unique and delicious flavors utilizing locally sourced ingredients.

“We will be offering the same great quality and natural ingredients in our hard seltzer that we do in our standard beer lineup,” said Marcus Powers, Zipline Co-Founder, not-ing that the fermentable base of Zipline Hard Seltzer would be beet sugar sourced from the Scottsbluff region. “We’ve tested out all sorts of different combinations of flavors, in-cluding some really great local tea blends.”

“Since day one, the Zipline brand has been focused on clean design and clear commu-nication with our customers about what they’re getting. In our hard seltzer line, we’re literally embodying these principles in a craft beverage,” said Powers Zipline

Hard Seltzer will be the second low-calorie option added to the Zipline portfolio this year, in addition to Local Time Lager, released this spring.

“Local Time is a great option for consumers looking for a great beer that’s low in calories and low in carbs,” said Powers. “ But we’ve seen customers looking for more choices and flavors. Adding Hard Seltzer to our portfolio is great news for those seeking another way to enjoy a light, low calorie craft beverage that compliments their active lifestyle.”

Hard seltzer is the fastest growing segment in the craft category. Zipline Hard Seltzer will be available on draft in all four Zipline taprooms this fall and in 6-pack clear glass bottles in early 2021.