Zipping Across Kansas

This doesn’t look like Kansas anymore. . .oh wait, yes it does!

After jumping the state line in Kansas City, we’re now proudly zipping across the rest of the Sunflower State. Check out the events listed below to come say hi to our reps and get some Zipline swag– and more importantly, a glass of Brave New Brew. 


Wednesday, Mar. 8:

Burger Stand 6pm

Thursday, Mar 9:

Cork & Barrel 4-6pm
Red Lyon – Tapping

Friday, Mar. 10:

Mass Beverage 4-6pm
Merchants 5 pm


Wednesday, Mar. 8:

Burger Stand 6 pm


Wednesday, Mar. 8:

The Fridge 5 pm
Old Chicago 5pm

Thursday, Mar. 9:

Beer Goggles 5-7pm
Classic W&S 5-7pm