Zoo Brew Series Collaboration w/ Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Introducing the first beer in the series: Red Panda Wheat.

Red Panda Wheat is brewed with red wheat and bamboo shoots (a favorite food of red pandas). Red Panda Wheat officially launched at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium’s Brew at the Zoo event on Saturday, July 14. Unfortunately, Red Panda Wheat is sold out.

By purchasing Red Panda Wheat, you are supporting red panda conservation in Asia. Specifically, by replanting bamboo food sources and providing economic alternatives and educational programs to people living in red panda habitats.

Why do red pandas need our help?
 There could be as few as 2,500 red pandas left in their native habitat, which has landed them a spot on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List’s Endangered Species list. Not only are red pandas losing their habitats to make room for cash cropping farms and cattle grazing, but bamboo (their main food source) is also in danger. Because the forest trees and bamboo of the mountain ranges they live in are valued by locals and businesses, they are being cut down at alarming rates. Red pandas are also threatened by illegal hunting.
Fortunately, the creation of national parks in recent years has helped slow these threats. Now, around 46% of red panda habitat in Bhutan and 65% of their habitat in China is located within a protected area.

There are four major conservation steps to preventing further declines in red panda population: protecting against habitat loss, reducing habitat degradation, reducing death and improving awareness of threats red pandas face. Reducing habitat loss and habitat degradation is an effort governments alone cannot manage.
With your help, we are able to support conservation efforts for this adorable species even more.